The Media and New Ways of Public Relations

June 10, 2021

The way of getting informed by the news has changed drastcially since the 1990s. Modern day media is spread like rapid fire through large social media networks, ranging from professional journalist to non-professional writers. Social media networks over the last 10 years, like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have emeraged as the new ways of how most people of the world recieve the news.

How Traditional Media Differs from the Web

Traditonal media was connected to the radio, newspapers, and television broadcast rather then online through social media and websites. Research has shows that,“The development of the mass media, from traditional to new, has changed the working conditions of these professions where one inevitably affects the other” (Lesinger and Tanta, 2015, p. 935).

Companies Websites are Adapting to the Times

Many large comapnies across the globe are using their websites to promote their latest product and services, giving updates on the companies news, and company backround information. A main goal for large companies are to positively impact their community, that go along with their company slogans and campaigns. Companies also use a tactic named, “brand journalism” to help attractive people and give more detail on the history and benefits of their product.

Works cited

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